Giants of the forest

Redwood National Forest

Giants of the forest

While I wish these were not all cut down, I have to give a lot of respect to these men! I could not imagine being a logger cutting these giant redwood trees with only hand tools and oxen. California lumberjacks work on Redwoods. Thousands of tree rings in these ancient trees each over 1000+ years old or even much older……..  irreplaceable giants-  national park treasures all gone but a few

It is an evergreen, long-lived, monoecious tree living 1200-1800 years or more. …
An estimated 95% or more of the original old-growth redwood forest has been cut

In 1850, old-growth redwood forest covered more than 2,000,000 acres
(8,100 acres by… 1968, by which time nearly 90% of the original redwood trees had been logged.



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