Water Toys






These photos seriously crack me up! It is really funny the things man becomes obsessed with.  We have tried so many inventions to walk, float, run, glide and ride on water. These are some really cool inventions, from total redneck underwater air breathing to water skiing Queenie the elephant 🙂 I got a kick out of these and wanted to share, let me know your favorites!

strange-inventions-3 Queenie the water skiing elephant Water Bicycle Hydro-Bronc Diving Helmet3 The-amphibocycle-water-bicycle-on-the-river-Seine-Asnières-France-1909 above-water-animal-animal-antics-animals-on-skis-athletic-elephant-beach-Favim.com-38857 circa 1920 A man in the Channel using a floating contraption that allows him to walk on the water crazy-inventions-of-the-past25

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9 thoughts on “Water Toys

  1. It cracks me up that most of them are wearing full dress attire. Three piece suites, shirt, tie, properly shined shoes. You know at some point they were going to get wet, but apparently they didn’t.

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