Dogs of War

A nurse and her rescue dog - circa 1930

Photo of a nurse and her rescue dog was snapped sometime between WWI and WWII.  Dogs were commonly used in war throughout history!


Belgium – 1915 hauling machine guns




I love camels

Camels are truly remarkable creatures, these photos tell a lot!

I love camels

Taken during WWI in the 1910’s

russian working camel

working the fields in russia- 1910’s

loading the pack saddles
a heavy burden being loaded in the marketplace.
camels working the fields

pulling the harvester – 1900’s

For generations camels have been helping man to do much more than cross a desert.  They have been pack animal, guides,escorts and field hand.  They also produce one of the most nutritious milk on the planet!  Camels are one of the most diverse and adaptable animals, they can live absolutely anywhere from the Sahara Desert to the Himalayan mountains!